Colds and Flu


Rinse, Spray and Nebulise

Relieve symptoms by rinsing daily with Kuraflo Nasal Rinsing Concentrate.

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Nebulise with Kuraflo Nebulising + Rinsing Solution for relief from chest tightness.

Where to buy Kuraflo
How Kuraflo helps

Nasal rinsing helps relieve cold and flu symptoms

Most respiratory infections are caused by viruses that antibiotics cannot kill. Antibiotics kill the “good bacteria” in our bodies that play an important part in our immune system, leaving us vulnerable to further illness.

Treatment with Kuraflo

Keep the membranes that line your nose, sinuses and lungs moist by spraying and rinsing with Kuraflo’s hypertonic nasal spray frequently.

For chest colds, use Kuraflo Nebulising + Rinsing Solution.