Lung Disease and Bronchitis


Nebulising with hypertonic saline loosens the mucus in the small airways allowing the child to cough it up.

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Bronchiolitis is one of the most common medical conditions in small children. At least 1 in 7 infants will develop bronchiolitis in his or her first two years of life.

Nebulising with hypertonic saline is recommended by ENTs for this condition as a first line treatment.

It loosens mucus and reduces swelling in the bronchioli (small air pipes in the lungs) which improves the tightness of the chest and wheezy breathing.

“Current evidence suggests nebulised 3% saline may significantly reduce the length of hospital stay among infants hospitalised with non-severe acute viral bronchiolitis and improve the clinical severity score in both outpatient and inpatient populations.”

Source: Nebulised hypertonic saline solution for acute bronchiolitis in infants

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