Pregnancy Rhinitis

Rinse and Spray

Relieve pregnancy rhinitis symptoms safely, by rinsing or spraying with Kuraflo daily.

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How Kuraflo helps

As the blood volume of the pregnant woman increases to support the foetus, the small blood vessels in the nose become swollen and fill with extra blood causing congestion. Rising pregnancy hormones, such as oestrogen, can cause increased mucus production. Another hormone called progesterone thickens that mucus, worsening symptoms.

Most pregnant women are reluctant to take medication, especially during the first trimester. Medications such as decongestants, nasal steroids and antihistamines can all have side effects and may not be very successful in eliminating the symptoms.

You should always consult your doctor before taking any medications during pregnancy.

The solution

Several simple and natural alternatives are available for treating these symptoms:

Drink plenty of water
This will help thin the nasal secretions.

Nebulise with Hypertonic saline
This will help to keep the airways moisturised and lubricate the mucus, allowing it to flow from the nasal passages.

Hypertonic nasal rinsing
Saline rinsing will thin the nasal secretions and reduce swelling of the nasal tissue, thus lessening congestion and reducing postnasal drip. Rinsing has the added benefit of flushing away bacteria and viruses from the nose, helping to prevent infections from occurring.