Kuraflo Nasal Rinse

Natural, sterile, hypertonic saline for safe and effective daily rinsing, recommended by ENTs

  • Keeps nasal passages and sinuses clear
  • Use after sinus surgery
  • Helps with pregnancy rhinitis

Available in 3% and 20% concentrate and a starter kit

Where to buy Kuraflo
What does it do?

Draws fluid from the inflamed, swollen lining of the nose, sinus, larynx and bronchi.

Opens the airways and improves ventilation.

Reduces congestion and swelling of membranes in the entire respiratory tract.

Reduces and prevents crusting.

How to rinse

Nasal rinsing (or spraying) with hypertonic saline can help with allergies or colds by washing out mucus, allergens or germs that cause infection and allergy.


Prepare the rinsing solution as instructed. Hold your head upright over a basin. Introduce the nozzle gently into one nostril.


Tilt your head slightly towards the other nostril. Slowly squeeze the bottle. Allow the solution to flow into one nostril and drain through the other.


Repeat for the other nostril. Discard leftover solution and thoroughly clean the nozzle and bottle after a rinsing session. Let it air dry and store in a clean, dry place.

How to nasal rinse with Kuraflo

Nasal rinsing with Kuraflo

Kuraflo – natural nasal health